Aucune critique n’est disponible. A crooner of charm, his texts speak of love and are aimed at festive pleasures and dancing. Jean de la Ville de Mirmont. A qui tu donnais le travail ingrat. Il ne se reconnait pas dans les évolutions récentes de la musique du Maghreb, dominée par une utilisation abusive des boîtes à rythme et par une indifférence généralisée pour les paroles des chansons.

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Amor Hafsouni situates his own musical innovations in the manner in which his friends and he mixed the chaoui mokhyar of Algeria and Tunisia with the timbres of instruments then in vogue, like electric guitars and rhythm boxes. Their multiform and fraternal music — it had its finger on the pulse of everyday reality and all that it carried by way of grief, fascination or demands — was particularly creative, containing a wide variety of popular songs that were at once Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian, played in the chaabi, rai, malouf, staifi, Shawia or Kabyle styles… Gathering in the same places, playing together to record cassettes, using electric instruments synthesizers, rhythm-boxes, guitar, bass etc. Cartesplans détaillés, calcul itinéraire, situation géographique des villes de l’Ouest Recherche Dans les Codes Postaux. These ordinary places, spaces for solidarity, relaxation and expression, dressed the wounds of the painful experience of separation. These emzhoud are the creations, both artistically and economically, of the exiles themselves.

Batna batna

Jean de la Ville de Mirmont. Noudou Yaradjala Levez vous les hommes! Mezhouf cassette medium, supplanted at the end of the Eighties by the CD, constituted a genuine revolution when it was introduced in the early Sixties; as a genuine symbol for music culture in the Seventies and Eighties, the cassette accompanied the emergence of a pop that was global. Une recherche devrait se poursuivre pour retrouver les producteurs et leur catalogue Electro-disques, société de M.

Proche de la Floride, le goombay des Bahamas est un succulent hybride entre rhythm and blues, calypso Mais il faut rentrer Mohamed! Their music was hedonistic and without complex, tackling the problems of life and the mirages of exile, and singing of pleasures and excess, but it was often overtaken by disillusionment and feelings of guilt, expressing itself in words sealed by lamentation and regret. Quand il y avait du travail. A crooner of charm, his texts speak of love and are aimed at festive pleasures and dancing.


A mosaic of musical styles The cassettes produced in Lyon represent the diversity of popular Algerian, Mokkhtar and Tunisian music, played in styles like chaabi, rai, malouf, staifi, Shawia, Kabyle, sraoui or Sahrawi, etc.

If the themes of exile, nostalgia for home, family, or a lover left behind, are in the majority in these songs, it also happens, but more rarely, that they deal with living conditions in the host-country: Références Mokhtar Mezhoud extrait court encyclopedie wikipedia. Ouvrier-cariste chez Berliet dèsAmor restera dans cette entre-prise toute sa vie professionnelle.

mokhtar mezhoud

Le numérique sur place. The cassette was kokhtar success; totally abandoned by the media and the official record-industry, and situated in the margins of traditional distribution, it represented a narrow but vivacious market which surprised by its productivity, flexibility, and diversity of choice. Mérabet has released three of his mezhour. Combien on leur donne? Inexpensive and colourful, they were recorded, sometimes in mmokhtar single day, according to the musical codes proper to the period: Amour, amitié et trahisons 1: Malik Malik, que ta mémoire soit bénie.

Meahoud arrival of the music cassette accompanied the invention of modern Maghreb popular music forms with the progressive introduction of the synthesizer, rhythm-boxes and electric guitars, and the cross-breeding of these with traditional instruments and songs.

mokhtar mezhoud

Regrets Unfortunately, not all the musicians are represented in this set due to lack of room and available resources.

En complément de ce coffret 3CD, une exposition aura lieu du 1er avril au 26 juilletaux Archives Municipales de Lyon, institution qui accompagne avec un grand intérêt cette initiative. If mokhtsr was solicited above all as a sound-engineer, his role was in fact much greater, and he would often make up for the absence of a musician; he became a sought-after bass-player, playing with musicians at weddings and numerous concerts.


Il y a ceux qui ont été expulsés. A significant element of malouf in Guelma and Constantine derives from the strong influences of the Jewish communities, which were then very large in both towns.

Références Mokhtar Mezhoud (extrait court encyclopedie wikipedia)

A qui tu donnais le travail ingrat. Ajouter gratuitement votre site dans l’annuaire! Ana britah avocat Je veux un avocat!

Malik y a malik. Regionalism and crossbred mixtures In the cafés, musicians from different regions in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia found themselves alongside each other in gatherings or playing together, and gradually they assimilated their respective repertoires.

Maghreb Lyon / Mokhtar Mezhoud, Salah El Guelmia , Samir Staifi [et al.]

Elément significatif, dans les villes de Guelma et de Constantine, le malouf a bénéficié de fortes influences de la communauté juive, qui était alors importante dans ces deux villes. Je leur mezhod dit: Wikipédia Wikipédia est un projet d’encyclopédie universelle, multilingue, créé par Jimmy Wales et Larry Sanger le 15 janvier en wiki sous le nom de mokntar wikipedia.

The reference to American blues, often evoked when speaking of immigrant singers, is a particularly suitable one where Rabah is concerned; his songs, direct, overwhelmed, prosaic and improvised are indeed the songs of mokhtzr bluesman. Un lieu maudit, mais familier, à habiter psychiquement et littérairement. Les Lieux prestigieux des régions ouest.